• Installation Education
  • Inspection and Forensic Investigation
  • All inspections are conducted based on national industry standards. SNVLLC performs on-site physical in-depth inspection on tile and stone covering materials and substrates to determine the cause(s) of product and installation failures, or compromising conditions. We provide and unbiased analysis based on industry standards ourline the Tile Council of North America (TNCA) handbook to determine if the proper standards, methods and material were used, in a confidential report with photograhs as required.

  • Oversight
  • Our monitoring services provide for quality control and ensure the proper standards and methods are being used. We ensure the project is on schedule and budget.

  • Estimating (Ceramic Tile, Marble and Terrazzo)
  • Pre-construction Consultation
  • Specification Development
  • Incorrect specifications of flooring material is a big problem. Ensuring that the right product has been specified and the environment is suitable for a successful installation will prevent most foreseeable problems. SNVLLC will assist in writing and reviewing specifications, products and methods. Whether dealing with installation, product, or maintenance specifications, we will help you install the right product to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Testing Assistance
  • We offer product performance, specification compliance, ASTM, AATCC and industry standards testing.

  • Specialize in Commercial and Industrial Installations